How Long Will My Carpet Cleaning Service Take?

Whenever a home service professional is in your home, it is a good idea to ask them in advance how much time the service will take. This will help to make you, the homeowner, more comfortable with the service.

When estimating the amount of time your carpet cleaning will take, your professional carpet cleaner considers a few factors: How many rooms will they cleaned? How soiled are the rooms? Is there spotting that needs to be performed? Furniture that needs to be moved? The answers to these questions factor into the length of the service.

The most time consuming part of carpet cleaning is the set-up process. The set-up process starts when the carpet cleaner arrives in your driveway and ends when they start the cleaning. During the set-up process, the carpet cleaner walks through your home and examines your carpet. They also unload and set-up all of their hoses and equipment. They start their truck mount machine. And, they dry vacuum the areas of your home that they are going to clean. The whole setup process can take 10-20 minutes.

After your carpet cleaner completes their set-up, they start the actual cleaning. The cleaning includes the pre-spray step, the dwell time, any necessary spotting, the rinsing of the carpet, and finally the application of carpet protector and the placement of fans. This, as you can see, is an involved step and can take 15 to 30 minutes per area. This varies depending on the size of the area and the amount of soiling and spotting that needs to be taken care of.

All carpet cleaners are different.

Some carpet cleaners are more quantity oriented than others. For a quantity oriented carpet cleaner, the most important thing is to get in and get out of as many jobs as possible in one day. These carpet cleaners may take half the time of the estimates listed above. Some carpet cleaners claim they can clean an entire home in an hour. In order to do this, they are moving as fast as possible through your home so they can quickly get to their next job.

Carpet cleaners that are quality oriented are more thorough and pay a greater attention to the details of your carpet than quantity oriented cleaners. Quality oriented and likely have an in depth, comprehensive system in place to ensure the best clean for your carpets. These carpet cleaning companies will, of course, take a longer time to clean your carpeting. But, they will also do a more thorough job.