Stair Cleaning

Many homes with carpeted rooms and hallways also have carpeting on stairs.

Stairs with carpeting boast a softer surface to walk up and down on, a protective layer for the wood of the stairs, and a sound barrier for foot traffic. Having three kids running up and down the stairs is a lot quieter with a layer of carpet covering under their feet!

Stairs really can take a beating though. The carpeting going up and down stairs will be walked on with a greater stress than carpeted rooms. With the concentrated weight that stairs absorb comes a greater wear of the carpeting on the stairs and, over time, a pronounced traffic pattern on each stair.

Sometimes your stairs are your most heavily soiled carpeting in your home. The extra stress that stairs take leaves a greater amount of soiling ground into the carpeting. As more soil is ground into the carpeting on your stairs, the integrity of the carpeting begins to become damaged by wear. This is a real concern for this major investment in your home!

Due to the heavy soil and potential for damage on carpeted stairs, it is important to clean your stairs regularly. One thing a homeowner can do to prolong the life of your stairway carpet is to vacuum your stairs regularly. This will remove lots of dry soils so they’re not continually ground into the carpeting.

In addition to regular dry vacuuming, you should have your carpeted stairs professionally cleaned every six months. Professional hot water extraction cleaning prolong the life of the carpeting on your stairs and keep them smelling, feeling and looking terrific.