What Constitutes a Carpet Cleaning Emergency?

Some carpet cleaning services will be super responsive to your carpet cleaning needs, others may be less responsive: they are booked solid, have fewer technicians working with them, or simply are not that interested in going above and beyond for their clients.

The responsiveness of your carpet cleaning provider will become especially important to you when you have a carpet emergency!

Not all spills are emergencies for your carpet. But, some are. Bodily fluids like vomit, urine or feces and major spills can create a carpet emergency. You may also need an emergency cleaning before hosting a party or gathering at your home.

In many cases where bodily fluids are present, like vomit, urine, or feces, it’s urgent to remove these from your carpet as quickly as possible. Not only can the presence of these cause permanent staining, but the odor left behind can be so bad as to merit leaving the house! In addition, it may not be safe to leave the bodily fluids untreated.

A major spill can also constitute a carpet cleaning emergency. Maybe you were preparing some delicious pasta one night and you dropped the whole pot of sauce all over your carpet! Now you have a major stain from marinara sauce all over your light colored carpet. This is something that can be mediated by you, the homeowner, and it is also something that will need professional attention. After you soak up the majority of the sauce, there will still be staining present which needs professional equipment and expertise to remediate it.

Lastly, a carpet cleaning emergency could be a last minute cleaning before a party or gathering of people in your home. Maybe in getting so prepared for your big event you forgot about that traffic lane heading from the kitchen to the couch!? Maybe the morning before the party your 3 year old decided to use the carpet as their drawing board!?

Accidents do happen and sometimes we all experience emergencies. Depending on the responsiveness and availability of your carpet cleaner, you may just be able to alleviate your carpet cleaning emergency! A carpet cleaner that responds to your carpet cleaning emergency is surely one to value!